1977 Indian Republic 1 Rupee Coin Bombay Mint Condition UNC

The rupee's origins can be traced back to the ancient Indian subcontinent. Pini's mention of rūpya appears to be the oldest in a text about coinage.
In the Indian subcontinent, the phrase referred to a coin.

The term "rupee" is derived from the Sanskrit word "rūpya," which means "worked silver" and possibly something imprinted with an image or a coin.

It signifies "shapely" as an adjective, with a more particular sense of "stamped, impressed," hence "coin." It is derived from the term rūpya, which means "form."


Year - 1977
Mint - Bombay
Weight (gm) - 8.00gm
Size MM - 28.00mm
Materials - Copper/Nickel
Rarity - C
Category - UNC

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