1/12 Anna 1835 East India Company Copper Coins

During the Company Rule in India in 1835, the coin was issued.
The coin features the East India Company's Coat of Arms on the reverse.
The coin was minted in Bombay Mints and intended to circulate throughout the region under The East India Company.
The coin is made of copper and has a standard diameter of 18 mm and weight of 2.19 gms. Because copper is a soft metal, copper coins are easily worn off, making high-grade copper coins difficult to find.
This coin is in high demand due to its low mintage and high grade for a copper coin.

Year - 1835
Mint - Calcutta
Weight (gm) - 2.16 gms
Size MM - 17.50/18 mm
Materials - Copper
Rarity - R
Category - UNC

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