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1/12 Anna 1835 East India Company Copper Coins

In 1835, the dies for the Madras mint were prepared incorrectly without anyone noticing. The letter M in COMPANY was reversed and inscribed as W in COWPANY. This error was later corrected by COMPANY, and new dies were created. To meet the pressing needs, the erroneous die was possibly repaired and used for the time being, which is an example of transitional die usage where the W was removed and repaired to M by the mint master. This coin clearly shows the traces of W under M of COMPANY and was most likely struck early on.

Year - 1835
Mint - Madras
Weight (gm) - 2.16 gms
Size MM - 17.50/18 mm
Materials - Copper
Rarity - C
Category - AUNC

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