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1/12 Anna (East India Company)

  • Obverse

The East India Company's arms (two lions and a St. George's cross on the crest and flags, and the motto "AUSP: REG: & SEN: ANG:" ("Auspicio Regis et Senatus Angliae") on the ribbon) with the date above the ribbon.

  • Reverse

The value contained within a laurel wreath is 1/2 PICE, with the legend "EAST INDIA COMPANY" surrounding it and a flat raised rim.

The Government of India produced a report in 1848 in response to the Court of Directors' request that copper coin be replaced by silver fractions of a rupee. This report mentioned, among other things, the fact that cowrie shells were still used for small purchases in Bengal. After reading the report, the Directors revised their previous position and proposed that a new copper denomination of half a pice has to be added to the coinage for use in Bengal. The Government of India agreed, and coinage began at the Calcutta mint in 1853, the fixed date shown on the coin's obverse.